Revolutionary Medical Device (VAD) Designed to Help Give “Painless” Injections

Vibration Anesthesia Device (VAD)

The VAD is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic medical injection device is universally acclaimed for its effectiveness. From joint injections to PRP scalp injections for hair regrowth and facial aesthetic injections, thousands of medical professionals are seeing the benefits of using this device for painless injections.
It has many benefits including:

  • Specifically designed to help eliminate carcinogenic and hazardous cold sprays from your office;
  • Utilizes the “Gate Control Theory of Pain” so that the injection process can be comfortably numb for patients;
  • Anesthetic effects are felt instantly by the patient.

The VAD device is super simple to understand and use. Every doctor who uses it during training buys one for their practice. We were offering it at the trainings only but because of the huge interest we brought in inventory.

Basic background: Our docs started using it with the nerve block injection for the Scalp PRP treatment during our trainings because the scalp is so sensitive and the providers were worried about their patients being able to tolerate the procedure. But this device has become a complete game changer for that procedure, and now most of our providers are using it for the PRP joint injections and facial injections as well; and not just PRP either, but botox and fillers, etc.

They say it is a revolution in pain free injections and SO simple to use. You simply place the device on an area to be injected and press the blue button. A blue light lights up the area and then the needle is inserted. It uses the Gate Control Theory for pain and hands down, it works!
Anyone injecting in your practice will love it!

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