PurePRP®- Not all PRP is Created Equal

The fact is, not all PRP is created equal. What sets EmCyte apart is the unique processing feature of PurePRP®. PurePRP® remains the only system on the market that can provide clinical platelet concentrations of greater than 6x baseline in 7mL of PRP while simultaneously removing 99% of RBC’s and 98% of inflammatory neutrophils. Furthermore, PurePRP® remains effective in cytokine activity and antimicrobial performance because it is the only system that can do all of the previous functions while maintaining a high concentration and yield of monocytes.  Monocytes are non-inflammatory white blood cells and are the precursor to macrophages. Macrophages are important cells of the immune system that are formed to fight infection or engulf accumulating damaged or dead cells. They are the largest sized lymphocyte and are the longest lasting.

In addition to the unique processing feature of PurePRP®, it remains a completely closed system during all steps of processing.  It is never open to air, as soon as you detach your syringe, the self-sealing swabbable valve automatically closes. PurePRP® processes in 6.5 minutes, which is the shortest of all viable table top systems. Again the key is the physiology of PurePRP®, its very different than other systems.

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