What is a “vampire facial,” a.k.a. PRP treatment?

A “vampire facial” or a PRP facial is a treatment that may be able to help accelerate wound healing, stimulate collagen, improve hyperpigmentation, and boost overall skin quality of the patient.

It is a therapy produced from the patient’s own blood that is made up of plasma and a high concentration of platelets. It is injected into the injured area, thereby introducing a high concentration of platelets (as well as growth factors and cytokines) to the injury site, helping it heal.

The PRP facial has countless benefits to the patient’s health, including:

  • Reduction of wrinkles;
  • Plump up sagging skin;
  • Gets rid of deep creases;
  • Improvement one’s complexion;
  • Diminishment acne scars;
  • Improvement hyperpigmentation and acne scars in darker skin

Besides that, research shows that combining microneedling with PRP reduces acne scars effectively, and PRP injections in the scalp may boost hair growth and thickness, preventing early hair loss.

Who should avoid a PRP facial treatment?

Despite all of the benefits of this regenerative therapy, it is not recommended for everyone. In general, anyone with inflamed skin (due to acne or rosacea), active skin infections, or easily irritated skin should avoid giving the “vampire facial” a go. Additionally, if you’re averse to pain or bruise easily, you may want to reconsider trying the treatment.

Doctors emphasize the importance of receiving treatments from certified dermatologists to prevent scarring. PRP facials can further minimize recovery time from other cosmetic procedures like microneedling and laser resurfacing.

PRP Podcast – PRP and Stem Cell Treatment

If you are interested in learning more about PRP therapies – such as the PRP facial -, you can watch the “Biologic Treatments” podcast on the “Orthopaedic Specialists of Seattle” YouTube channel.

In a 25-minute episode, the podcast talks about PRP and stem cell treatments, in the field of Orthopedics, which are used to improve non-surgical results and prolong surgery for the right patients. And, when used in conjunction with surgery, it is known to improve surgical outcomes.

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PRP Webinar

Another great option for those seeking more knowledge about PRP treatments – like the PRP facial – is the online Webinar “PRP 101”, by the YouTube channel PRP Science.

The Webinar focuses on the most important topics related to PRP therapy. Therefore, it talks about its operation, scientific studies and some controversies on the subject. Additionally, explain how different equipment generates different results. Therefore, depending on the centrifuge used, the treatment may be more or less successful.
The recommended centrifuge is Emcyte, one of the best-known brands on the market. Which is available for purchase in our online store.

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PRP Training Courses

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