Hairsmart: our non-surgical hair solution partner

HairSmart products are the best options for those who are dealing with hair loss issues. With an incredible range of non-surgical solutions, these approaches are able to help you have a better hair health in a unique way.

HairSmart offers different options for those seeking an effective solution. The Laser Cap. for example, is one of the most interesting devices designed to help with hair loss problems. This equipment uses special lights to stimulate hair regrow and can be purchased at PRP Science’s website.

Laser cap: How does it work?

Many studies show that Low-Level Laser Therapy has great results in those who try it. A paper published by American Journal of Clinical Dermatology shows that the LLLT users experience a significant increase in hair density – an average of 17 hairs per square centimeter after 26 weeks of treatment. 

Our hair follicles go trough the following cycle: Anagen (growth), Catagen (transition), and Telogen (resting). Those who suffer hair loss, the follicles enter the Telogen phase prematurely. 

Thus, LLLT – used in the HairSmart Laser Cap – has the ability to transition dormant hair follicles into growth phase. The light used in this therapy improves blood flow and increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp, stimulating hair growth. 

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LED vs Laser

Even though it must look like it, laser and led treatments do not have the same results. The type of diode used in LLLT makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of this approach. 

The led version is like a gentle and quiet helper. It uses a light that is not very strong to help heal damaged parts of the body without hurting the skin. The laser version, on the other hand, is a more powerful approach – that is why it is used on the HairSmart Laser Cap. The strong light that is used in these treatments can cut through tissue or help smooth and shape the skin by using heat. This is a more intense treatment that has more intense results. 


Besides the Laser Cap, HairSmart offers other products whose sole purpose is to help you with your hair health. Combining HairSmart treatments, such as the Grow Serum and the Repair Oil, with the Laser Cap is an effective yet simple way to deal with hair loss. With this approach, the patient is able to keep their scalp clean and hydrated throughout the all process.

Choosing HairSmart has great advantages. The company is the only one with East-West blend line combining Ayurveda, LLLT and Nutraceuticals. Besides that, all of the products are meticulously crafted without drugs or chemicals.

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Here at PRP Science Md., we are always working to provide you with the best devices for the best prices. That is why we are offering a 10% discount on our Laser Cap options and our HairSmart products. Use the coupon “HAIR10” to start a new and healthier chapter of your life.