Pink Intimate – A Must Have for Your Practice Offering!

New Sexual Wellness Treatment Lightens Intimate Areas for Men and Women

It’s no secret that the sexual wellness market is sizzling hot! Consumers are seeking out practitioners/clinics who can offer them new and modernized solutions to increase their sexual experiences.

Our physician clients tell us they get calls regularly from women and men looking for “Lightening” of the private parts.
That’s why I’m so excited to talk about a new product we are exclusively offering called Pink Intimate. Prior to Pink Intimate, lasers were really the only effective option offered. Although lasers work, the treatment is an expensive option for both the patient and the practitioner. It’s also very time consuming and takes a big effort on the patient’s part for maintaining its effects.

Pink Intimate is relatively new product introduced to the US that is extremely effective for brightening the skin of the genital area, anal area, bikini line, nipples, armpits with NO side effects or downtime. The procedure is easily applied and significant results are achieved after a series of 5-6 treatments.

The Perfect Complement to Your Practice Offering  

The best part about Pink Intimate? The treatment is a perfect complement to many of the regenerative treatments already being offered to support sexual wellness because once patients begin to function better intimately, they want their intimate areas to look better too!

There isn’t another topical product on the market today that can achieve these results, so by offering Pink Intimate you can allow you and your practice to stand out amongst the rest! Additionally, Pink Intimate can be applied by a mid-level which helps to keep your practice generating revenue without your direct involvement.

Know Your Patients Want Pink Intimate

The result of offering this treatment is something you can be certain your patients will love and your practice can easily implement into its treatment offering. Your Patients Want This. You just need to tell them you can help!

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